Andrews McMeel Publishing Announces First Biography
on The DaVinci Code's Dan Brown
Gravity Boots, the Connectedness of Life and Art, and Litigation Abound

Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP) announces the upcoming publication of the first biography on New York Times best-selling author Dan Brown titled THE MAN BEHIND THE DA VINCI CODE written by celebrity biographer Lisa Rogak (Andrews McMeel Publishing; November 2005; Jacketed Hardcover; $19.95).

"The book reveals little-known details of Brown's unusual work habits which involve gravity boots, an antique hourglass, and voice-recognition technology, along with an overview of his struggles as a writer pre-DaVinci Code and the windfall that occurred post-DaVinci Code," explains AMP President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Thornton.

Rogak, who has been researching and writing the book since September 2004 explains, "The biography is organized as a kind of adventure story. This is the adrenaline-loaded story of a non-blockbuster writer, a kind of everyman following his dream, who is in a race against time to write his break out novel, or find himself trapped by a mediocre track record that might have doomed him to the status of just another Willy Loman author who never distinguished himself in the publishing world."

Asked if the book will hit on any of the recent litigation involving plagiarism charges from Lewis Perdue, the book's editor Chris Schillig states, "The litigation is definitely a part of Brown's life as it relates to The DaVinci Code, so Rogak would be remiss as a biographer not to include it; however, all things viewed in perspective, the book chronicles Brown's life leading up to and following The DaVinci Code. Within this context, the litigation is a small, but definitely interesting part."

Readers of Rogak's THE MAN BEHIND THE DA VINCI CODE will learn:

  • How and why Brown became infatuated with secret societies.
  • How he ventured from his first calling as a middle-of-the-road pop singer -- even dubbed the next Barry Manilow --- to become a Random House phenomenon and the house's best-selling author to date.
  • The many connections between Brown's writing and his life. For example, Brown's early pop-singer days produced a 1994 CD and title track called Angels and Demons. The CD's cover was designed by John Langdon, who would create the cover for the subsequent Angels and Demons book, while also inspiring a portion of protagonist Robert Langdon's name.
  • The impact and influence of the elite, private world of Phillips Exeter Academy in Brown's life, and how it links to his writing about conspiracies and secret societies.
  • The lawsuit and legalities that have plagued Brown and why he has refused to sign an affidavit emphatically affirming he is the sole author of The DaVinci Code.
  • How the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie starring Tom Hanks may incite more scorn from the Catholic Church. The mystery surrounding Brown's latest, and repeatedly delayed follow-up novel, The Solomon Key.

This is the first book to chronicle Brown's upbringing, his rise to bestsellerdom, the many fascinating connections between his life and his work, the sometimes mysterious and quirky nuances to his character, as well as his recent struggles to protect a false sense of anonymity by drawing into a sheltered and isolated society of his own making. The book boasts a 75,000 copy first printing along with extensive worldwide rights pickup. Rogak is a seasoned media personality, highly adept in front of the camera with previous appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is available nationwide for all media.


Title: The Man Behind the DaVinci Code

Subtitle: An Unauthorized Biography of Dan Brown

Author: Lisa Rogak

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0-7407-5642-7