Media Questions for Lisa Rogak
about The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code

Is it true that The Da Vinci Code almost didn't get published?

How did growing up on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire shape Dan Brown?

The Solomon Key, his fifth novel and the followup to The Da Vinci Code, was supposed to be published in May, 2005. Where is it?

Despite the fact that the Catholic Church disputes the premise of The Da Vinci Code, is it true that Brown actually had an audience with the late Pope John Paul in Rome?

What's behind the numerous lawsuits that have been filed against Dan Brown, his publishers, and the producers of The Da Vinci Code movie, due out in May, 2006? Do they have any merit?

What do you know about the years Dan Brown spent in Hollywood trying to make it as a singer/songwriter? What kind of music did he write?

What are some of his more unusual work habits?

What does Dan Brown think of the many books that are critical of The Da Vinci Code?

What were his two published humor books about? And why has he never mentioned them in interviews?

Why is he keeping a low profile when he's an internationally-known best-selling author?